Keri Kazz

Keri Kazz, a man often referred to as the “unusual illusionist,” has taken the world stage by storm with his unmatched approach to magic. Ranging from grand-scale illusions to close-up coin tricks, Keri Kazz is truly an artist in today’s demanding world of entertainment.  

Discovered at just 8-years-old in Detroit, Keri Kazz was recognized not only for his quick-learning abilities but also for his passion, creativity and knack for connecting with an audience. His relentless ambition has led him all over the world, including performances in Brazil, China, Japan, India and more. He has been named one of the Top 35 Magicians in the World and repeatedly headlines for Franz Harary’s Mega Magic, the #1 touring illusion show in the world. 

Keri is also an esteemed and highly respected magician in the conjurer community – actively teaching magicians twice his age the art of performing not just on stage but also for private and corporate events. He similarly serves as a consultant for fellow magic and illusion shows, as well as haunted houses, aquariums, escape rooms, event spaces and more.  

By preserving the art of magic in so many forms, Keri Kazz continues to inspire audiences all over the world not just through illusions and tricks, but by creating a moving experience that leaves any person questioning that which is possible. 

Keri is one of the top 35 magicians in the world.
— Channel 5 (Italy)
I’ve seen Keri perform several times. The way he treats the art is simply beautiful.
— Uri Geller Celebrity Psychic
That was fucking amazing!
— Eli Roth

Jolin Tsai - Play Tour 2015

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